Vtech Shake Fox Rattle


  • Pick up the soft, easy-to-grasp Shake & See Fox Rattle! Eye-catching colors and vibrant patterns invite your baby’s attention and help stimulate their visual development. Reaching for, holding and waving this colorful rattle help your baby practice motor skills. The handle’s shape makes it easy for babies to grab and hold. Little fingers can explore the soft tail, crinkly ears and textured arms. As your baby waves the rattle, they will hear the rattle sound of the beads shaking and see the fox’s tail move back and forth. See, hear and touch this woodland creature fox rattle! Intended for ages 3+ months.
  • Features:
  • Eye-catching colors and vibrant patterns on this woodland creature fox rattle are a visual treat for your baby’s eyes
  • Shake the rattle to hear the beads and see them fall in a zig-zag pattern; watch the fox’s tail swing back and forth with the movement
  • Little hands can develop fine motor skills as they reach and grab the easy-grasp handle; shaking the rattle helps develop gross motor skills
  • A soft tail, crinkly ears and textured arms help stimulate your baby’s sense of touch
  • Intended for ages 3+ months
  • The delightful colors, sounds and textures of this little fox rattle make it a perfect baby shower gift or gender reveal present

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