Shopkins Lil Secrets S2 Playset Peacock


    Unlock a world of tiny Party Pop Up surprises when you crack the code and open up your Secret Lock Mini Playset! Each lock has a combination – use your exclusive invitation to crack the code and reveal tiny worlds full of Lil’ Secrets! Use your secret invitation that comes with the lock to help crack the code and open your lock! Inside each lock you will find surprises galore and secret places to play! Every playset comes with one Teeny Shoppie and one Tiny Shopkin to discover. Will you discover a “Special Finish”? There are Glitter, Pearlescent, Fluffy and Metallic locks to find! Collect all six Secret Locks!
    What’s Inside:

    • 1xMini Playset
    • 1xTeeny Shoppie
    • 1xTiny Shopkin
    • 1xInvitation
    • 1xCollector’s Guide



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