Recaro Monza Nova Is-Carbon Black


Recaro  Monza Nova Is-Carbon Black

Recaro Monza Nova Is-Carbon Black
The height-adjustable headrest
The passive air ventilation system ensures continuous air circulation.circulation.
The integrated head cushion positioned at head height supports well-being and safety on every journey. Especially when sleeping, little and bigger adventurers benefit from significantly more comfort. The cushion is fully adjustable and can be individually adapted to your child.
ADVANCED SIDE PROTECTION (ASP) the integrated protectors offer maximum protection on every journey. In the event of a side collision, they absorb the force that would act upon the child.
IMPACT SHIELD For little children within group 1, the child seat is used with the impact shield and secured with the vehicle’s seat belt. The impact shield encircles the child, distributes and absorbs the energy from a collision over its entire surface – comparable to the function of an airbag. Thus, the child‘s sensitive neck, head and chest area are protected. Older children (gr. 2/3) are strapped in with the vehicle‘s seat belt.
Universal installation : Can be installed in cars without ISOFIX simply and quickly using the vehicle‘s seat belt
Reinforced armrests: Offer more protection in the hip area and enable comfortable sitting for older children
Seating foam: Perfectly adapts to your child‘s body shape and provides the highest level of comfort
Marked belt guide: The correct installation is facilitated by red belt guide markings
Integrated Seatfix connectors: Simply fasten the child seat into the car using integrated Seatfix connectors
Impact shield absorbs crash forces and reduces the risk of injuries

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