Rayqueen UV Sterilizer-Silver


Rayqueen Uv Sterilizer

  • UV sterilizer drying to dry the PTC heater and disinfected with ultraviolet light
  • Outer coating makes few scratches.
  • Timer indicates the remaining time of the course.
  • ses 6W sterilizing lamp which is the strongest one in the class.
  • 12 baby bottles can be placed in one section and up 24 bottles can be used. The best and excellent        storage capacity in the same class of product!
  • You can use 3 courses depending on purpose (course 1: 10 minutes of sterilization, course 2: 30 minutes of dry and sterilization, course 3: 60 minutes of dry and sterilization)
  • Daily supplies which need hygienic care like nursing bottle, kitchen towel, accessories, spoon and chopsticks, cup, dentures, baby toy etc. can be sterilized simply.
  • All of inner wall faces are made of stainless steel to increase the reflection rate of UV rays.
  • 99.9% of sterilizing power was verified through the test of Korea Test & Research Institute (won S mark {(sterilization certificate)}
  • Recommended product by Korea postpartum care centers association/ Registered as medical equipment in FDA.

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