4M Dinosaur DNA (AR)-Triceratops


  • Become a palaeontologist & dino geneticist. Dig up a glow-in-the-dark dino skeleton, collect its dna & rebuild a life-sized dinosaur in front of your very eyes augmented reality (AR) technology.
  • Make a video of it & send it to your friends via social media – they will be amazed! This unique dino digging kit combines hands-on fun with virtual excitement.
  • Excavate the DNA container and glow skeleton
  • Collect the dinosaur DNA fragment stickers
  • Complete the Dino AR play mat with the DNA fragment sticker collected.
  • Download the DinoCodes Apps, point your mobile device to the Dino AR play mat and watch as a real size dinosaur comes to life before your eyes.
  • Take videos and photos and share them with your friends in emails or on social media. They will be amazed by the “live” dinosaur that appears just next to you.
  • Contents:
    1 plaster block embedding, 1 container storing the dinosaur, DNA fragment stickers and 1 set of specially designed digging tools, 1 brush, 2 AR play mats (each size: 42 x 42 cm), 1 piece of soft wax, and detailed instructions.



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