Kindi Kids Shiver & Shake – Rainbow Kate


About this item
– PICK ME UP: Pick up Rainbow Kate to hear & feel her Shiver & Shake!
– OVER 40 PHRASES AND SOUNDS: Rainbow Kate is so interactive and fun to play with. With over 40 phrases and sounds, she talks, burps & toots!
– FEEL MY HEART BEAT AND MY BELLY RUMBLE: Listen to my heartbeat through the Shopkins Stethoscope and I’ll tell you how I feel. Use it on my tummy and you will hear how it rumbles.
– KNOW MY TEMPERATURE: Take my temperature with the Shopkins Thermometer! You’ll be able to tell how I feel and I will begin to shiver and shake.
– HELP ME GET BETTER: Help me get better by giving me Vitamin Stars off my spoon!

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