Kindi Kids Fun Time Friend – Bella Bow


From head to toe you’ll find a bow on this Kindi Kid! Bella Bow may be a little quiet, but it’s not because she’s tongue-tied, she just likes to listen! She’s all ears until something catches her eyes! (Which is most of the time!) Bella is a great host and loves putting on tea parties with her shopkins. They’re just “Bow Much Fun!”
About this item :
 – I can hold my pretty Tea Cup Shopkin.
 – Tilt my Shopkin Tea Pot to pour some tea
 – My head wobbles and bobbles when you pick me up Watch me come to life
 – You can rem.ove my shoes and change my clothes for imaginary play.
 – Discover the colourful world of Kindi Kids and their amazing interactive Rainbow Kinder.

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